Saturday, November 05, 2005

That Scorpio Charm

Over the years, I've had many close friends who are Scorpios. This time of year is all about the big transformations: life, birth, sex, death. Halloween, All Saint's, Dia de los takes some heavy duty cabling to handle that stuff, and they were literally born into it. I like that they can meet my intensity and say, "But of course -- you mean other people don't live this way?"

Fixed the water table sitting inside the earth, just waiting to be drawn upon. But you have to dig deep.

I've mostly fallen out of touch with these friends, though not for any reasons that make the break permanent: new jobs, grad school, moving around. The usual suspects. I'm always happy for the emails and phone calls when they come, and my affection is unwavering.

What's different this time is that a new Scorpio hasn't shown up to fill the gap. Pretty ironic, during this year of huge transformations for me. My sense is that it means I've had plenty of intensity going on already and didn't need the ongoing "refresher course" that a Scorpio friendship can provide.

Still, this time of year I can't help thinking about these folks who are so dear to me and about the gifts I've received from each of them. They're imprinted on me, like the autumnal colors I grew up with and miss desperately every fall. Even if I don't get to see them for years, when the light catches my life just right, I'm instantly transported to the seasons we spent together. I inhale deeply, wrap myself in the warmth of my wool coat, and marvel at the crisp blue sky.


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